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Includes The Original Pitcher Chiller™


The StaCold™ Pitcher Keeps Beer And Other Beverages Cold And Includes One Cool-Pitch Pitcher Chiller.

  • Comes equipped with one Cool-Pitch™ Pitcher Chiller which keeps beverages under 40 degrees F for up to 90 minutes
  • Just add water to the chiller, freeze, place in beverage, and hook to the pitcher’s handle
  • Unbreakable hook keeps the chiller securely in place while pouring
  • Clear, 60 oz pitcher, made of break-resistant polycarbonate providing for optimum strength and durability
  • Lip design retains beer foam or ice and allows for easy pouring from front or either side
  • Ergonomic handle with thumb grip helps to control pitcher while pouring
  • Elevated base provides sturdy support and helps to prevent tipping or spilling
  • NSF listed

StaCold™ Pitcher & Chiller $7.97 + shipping

To order just send an email with quantity and delivery.
Save with 6+ quantities

Call 1-904-260-1876 to order.

Want To Use A Different Pitcher And Only Want Our Pitcher Chillers?

Cool Pitch Bat

They work well with all pitchers and are available to distributors in quantities of 12 including a Freezer Storage Basket and 2-Year Warranty! Beware of knockoffs made in China that break right away and have no warranty

Cool-Pitch™ Pitcher Chiller keeps beer & other beverages chilled without diluting the taste with ice!

Cool-Pitch™ Company manufactured the first bat-shaped pitcher chiller in 1993. Today, there are other manufacturers that sell knockoffs (from China) that break. These cheap imitations can’t compare to the Cool-Pitch™ which has a 2-Year Warranty on all components!

The patented design of the Cool-Pitch™ includes these noteworthy features and benefits:

  • Easy to use—Just add water, freeze, place in beverage.
  • Keeps the temperature of beverages under 40⁰ F for 90 minutes.
  • Durable—2-Year Warranty on all parts. Copycat products break with just a few uses.
  • Sanitary—Constructed entirely of FDA approved materials.
  • Each dozen includes a Storage Basket and occupies a space of only 12”x8”x4”. 

Cool-Pitch™ Chiller $3.25 + shipping

To order just send an email with quantity and delivery.
Save with 12+ quantities

Call 1-904-260-1876 to order.

Adjustable Hooks Adjustable Hook fits all pitchers and stays in place while pouring. $1.25 each

Cool Pitch Clip

Distributors welcome ~ Call for pricing.